A Candle in Every Window 2021


There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Edith Wharton

The Block Island Historical Society invites you to spread your light by purchasing a candle in one of our windows. Your candle can be one of remembrance for a loved one, one to honor a person or a community organization, or a hope for the year to come. Each light helps us remember that the Block Island Historical Society exists so our time here won’t be forgotten by those who come after us.

Watch our windows light up with your donations night after night on Instagram.

In loving memory of Leslie Dodge Slate

Patricia Stetson, Bryan Coyne, and Shirlyne Gobern

In loving memory of Helen Slate

Patricia Stetson, Bryan Coyne, and Shirlyne Gobern

In remembrance of Sister Mary Noonan and Brother Neil Lang

Keith and Kathy Lang

In remembrance of Sandy and Lew Gaffett

Paige Gaffett

In remembrance of Sally Stephens. We miss you.

William Penn

In remembrance of Doris and John Langsdorf

Robin Langsdorf

In remembrance of Steve Hill

Erica Hill

In remembrance of Hayward Alker

Ann Tickner

Remembering and missing our dear Gay Anne

Gloria Hall Daubert

In remembrance of Tobee McMellon, an incredible supporter of BIHS and a person with humanistic values and a sense of humor

Eliot Nerenberg

In remembrance of Lorinda C. Howell, who loved visiting Block Island and the Surf Hotel

Robert Howell

In remembrance of Bette Jones, who loved Block Island. We miss her every day. From her loving daughters.

Megan Kozak

Happy memories of Bob Sherman. My life partner and much missed.

Sandy Sherman

In honor of Martha Ball

Ellen Jantzen

In memory of Matt Helterline

Celeste Helterline

In remembrance of Susan Kretschmer

Katie Kretschmer

In remembrance of Kenneth Ritzinger. For my best friend and brother, I love you dearly.

Cindy Passmore

In memory of Gregor Smith.
Love and miss you every moment of every day.

Ben Smith and Kathryn Ritter-Smith

In remembrance of Nicholas M. Ball

With love, Cyn, Anna, Jacqui and Sam

In remembrance of my mom Carol Lockwood

Amy MacDougall

In remembrance of Marilyn, Ken and Cliff Rose

Bernice Dangelas

In memory of Tobee McMellon, longtime board member

Board of Directors of the Historical Society

In remembrance of Olive “Ollie” Willis

Bob & Andy Champagne-Willis

With hope for health, love, and the rebirth of the Historical Society

Sue Hagedorn

In remembrance of Robert Therrien

Bob & Andy Champagne-Willis