Sandy Madison Gaffett

Audio 1

background of name, family history and where they lived, mystery of where grandfather was born, ancestors owning produce market and farm

Audio 2

school system, parents’ college educations, father building museum exhibits in Cleveland and other jobs, went to school for library science

Audio 3

last farmer of family, summers on Block Island, meeting husband and having children

Audio 4

Block Island brought stability to life, bought land on Island, DAR

Audio 5

DAR and importance to grandmother, desire for genealogy, descendant of Roger Williams

Audio 6

life for children, what makes a Block Islander, children going to kindergarten, tourism and locals on the island

Audio 7

living on the farm in the summer, electricity and running water, telephones and operators, doctor on Island, airline, fishing industry wiped out by hurricane

Audio 8

fishhouses, visited island once during winter, Block Island in the winter, Block Island during the war

Audio 9

housing shortages, thoughts on the year-round population and the island government, building rules and regulations

Audio 10

older family members not on the island, Great Britain, rules on the island