Lydia Rathbun Littlefield, Pam Littlefield Gasner

Audio 1

Rathbun connection, Joshua’s House, Rathbun family newsletters

Audio 2

marriages, looking at pictures, erecting the stone

Audio 3

first appearing in American records, names on settlers’ rock, farmhouse, Thomas Rathbun’s accomplishments

Audio 4

More of Thomas Rathbun’s accomplishments, pirates visiting Rathbun

Audio 5

genealogy, coal hogging (clamming), informal society for Rathbun relations

Audio 6

Lydia’s engagement, spreadsheet of relationships

Audio 7

similarities in appearance to relatives/ancestors, original historian magazine from 1892, Rathbun interactions with Lincoln

Audio 8

Block Island Historical Society, last Rathbun died, no Rathbuns left on island in name, last reunion

Audio 9

details of last reunion, getting interested in history, joining the Block Island Historical Society

Audio 11

yellow house and camping outside it, spending summers on Block Island, library, bike accidents and no medical on the island

Audio 12

getting candy and choosing where to picnic, love of reading, daddy boat/friday night boat, grandfather planting cherry tree

Audio 13

painted picket fence, earliest boat ridden and remembered, visiting Edna and having ice cream