Kim Gaffett, Lew Gaffett, Paige Gaffett

Audio 1

birth locations, what the island looked like when Lew was 14, Harbor Church, family history of coming to island

Audio 2

family member’s names, oldest ferry Lew remembers, the Sprigg Carol, ‘38 hurricane

Audio 3

Hurricane Carol, weather bureau on the island, snowstorm, Hurricane Bob

Audio 4

politics and political issues on the island, town council

Audio 7

traffic light, Paige’s summer days, rest of year for Paige, places Kim lived growing up

Audio 8

Kim’s schooling on Block Island, college, coming back to the island

Audio 9

Kim’s college, jobs when she came back to the island, off-island trips to visit family, tight-knit island community

Audio 11

buying land on the island, living on and off the island, distinction between Block Islanders and non-Islanders, names of people speaking