Kathryn Champlin

Section A


Audio 1

her house’s history and layout, the family’s farm and its shareholders, last person in family born on Block Island

Audio 2

what it was like growing up on the farm, schools attended on Block Island

Audio 3

classmates and who graduated with her, dances at firemen’s hall and hotels, meeting husband, married January 1941, ‘38 hurricane and losing fishing fleet

Audio 4

losses on the farm in the hurricane, staying in sewer during hurricane

Audio 5

getting mail on horseback, grandfather’s office in house, family’s farm help, Beacon Hill view and tower

Audio 6

walking across the island, tea room with victrola and ice cream and sandwiches, other farming family on the island, holidays on the island

Audio 7

dinners at Christmas and Thanksgiving, relatives on the island, grandfather ran on the republican and democratic tickets, family political positions, flights on the island, Ronald the dog barking

Audio 8

first flight, convincing people to take a plane back to Block Island instead of a tugboat but then the plane had trouble starting

Audio 9

beat the tugboat by taking the plane, flew to the mainland every day when father was in the hospital, schooling in Massachusetts, Amtrak across country twice

Audio 10

‘38 hurricane and the war, lived on island during better part of the century, tourism, oldest ferry remembered

Audio 11

hotel by harbor, genealogy tracking and niece’s book, quilting with different families

Audio 12

two months on mainland yearly to visit family, cousins visit the island for two months, Empire Theatre movies, building functions changing, certain activities no longer exist on the island

Audio 13

socials at the Baptist church, went to the Methodist church, baptism, always with friend Claire, going to the dentist

Audio 14

getting tooth out at friend’s appointment, getting perm at friend’s appointment, father drove school bus

Section B


Audio 1

birthday parties, boys had a baseball team and brother got front tooth knocked out

Audio 3

dog would check on her when she was sick, very protective since she got sick, dog pushes her in the wheelchair, her wishes for the next generation

Audio 4

fish barrels shifting and tipping ferry, deciding whether to bring a boat from Connecticut

Audio 5

deciding whether town should build a schoolhouse, building a consolidated school, putting a snake in teachers’ room