Josephine Dugan

Section A


Audio 1

mother last person in family born on Block Island, looking at photos, family members’ names

Audio 2

photos of hotel, naming the Hygeia, Dr. Hadley

Audio 5

old property locations and boundaries, getting milk, schooling

Audio 6

different schools, school on Payne property, mother’s schooling, where she and siblings were born, friends on the island

Audio 9

dancing, relationships over the years, island births and twins

Audio 10

group of people there for the summer, swimming

Audio 11

dancing prize as kids, sailors at dance competitions

Audio 12

sailors dancing, winning the dance contest, meeting husband who played in band

Audio 13

military service, working in the shipyard food service, got engaged in 1943, married at home

Audio 14

crossing Texas by train, furlough, having a baby

Audio 15

bringing baby to Block Island for the first time, moving around, buying land and building house

Section B


Audio 2

retiring and living on Block Island year round, involvement with the historical society, transfer of land

Audio 3

renting, view with a dredge, island representation

Audio 4

Getting Senate to approve moving location for gap in the breachway, Uncle Al and his room in the Hygeia and his death, fire

Audio 5

slept at her grandmother’s in the summer, mother’s importance on her life, Dead Eye Dick’s on Tuesdays, second wind luncheons

Audio 6

birthday cards, who is on the island, ship captains

Audio 7

either love Block Island or you don’t, generations of families on the island, friendly island, substitute teaching

Audio 8

giving up substitute teaching, hopes her kids will always have a place on Block Island, genealogy

Audio 9

formation of Block Island historical society, preserving parts of Block Island