John H. Littlefield Jr., Charon Briggs Littlefield

Section A


Audio 1

family and important dates, history of the farm, family history and family relationships, the homestead

Audio 2

porch posts for poplar cottage, Carnegie Medals, father’s relationships with his parents

Audio 3

Grandfather and brother received Carnegie medals, family personalities and dynamics, taciturn family

Audio 4

how Edgar & Maud met, house structure with side of house split off, bringing up siblings and working to support the family

Audio 5

building the house, his dad fishing and baling hay, lung cancer and dying and burial

Audio 6

hay baling, the maze/trails as their playground, fishing with dad, found axehead

Audio 7

trips to the breach to play in the water while dad fished, fishing, hunting, eating fish

Audio 8

Johnnycakes and frying fish, names of family members

Audio 9

looking at a photograph, family resemblances, getting vegetables

Audio 10

more looking at a photograph, cleaning headstones, going to the cemetery for “history lessons”

Audio 11

grave plot locations, lightning strike that cracked the chimneys first week of Dec. 1976

Audio 12

storms and storm surges and low barometer, predicting the weather

Audio 13

eating Bluefish, hurricane and building back, sand built up

Audio 15

people wondering if islanders ever wanted to live anywhere else, having romanticized idea of winter, people don’t get what it’s like to live on the island

Section B


Audio 1

experience of hurricanes, blizzard and plowing snow and getting stuck

Audio 5

looking at pictures, iceboating, Johnnycake recipe

Audio 6

cooking, cataracts, family relationships

Audio 7

family relationships, family visits, trip to California

Audio 9

what people in photographs look like, turkeys, deafness and lipreading, playmates (friends and family)