Donald A. Littlefield

Section A


Audio 1

family roots on Block Island, ancestry and genealogy of Littlefield family, Oswell, ancestor sailing

Audio 2

Littlefield Homestead, Bell Isle Man, ancestor swimming in the Jordan River, building the big yellow house

Audio 3

carpenter who built the big yellow house, Ship’s Master Amazon, father joined US lifesaving service, key posts, sharp sand

Audio 4

fishing and the old pounders, kedge anchors, Lady of the Lake wreck, salvaged flagpole

Audio 5

erecting flagpole, father moving around for career, name origins, father being transferred to different locations for position

Audio 6

where he and siblings were born, graveyard of ships and prohibition, two outer banks shipwrecks and rescues

Audio 7

mother got a washing machine, father bought a Dodge Sedan and brought it to Block Island, Dodge auctioned for funding for historical society

Audio 8

’38 Hurricane, father saving people in Narragansett, built escape road

Audio 9

1991 breach, salt water loaded with proteins, sand building up again after eight years, coast guard, father’s last assignment in Cleveland, Ohio

Audio 10

10th grade in big school in the midwest, junior and senior years in small high school, built house in Block Island, went to Block Island in the summer almost every year, trip to Nova Scotia, brothers entered military

Audio 11

entered army through ROTC, went to UConn, wife’s Rathbun connection to Block Island, Lydia planned Rathbun reunion, worked in insurance

Audio 12

Nathaniel White, cottage at Sandy Point, spot for block of ice on bumper, sailboat

Audio 13

sail with bag of ice, moved to big yellow house to spend summers, worked on mainland for some of college

Section B


Audio 1

fish pier, stop at Essex Inn in the spring, oldest boat he remembers, going to the wheelhouse on trips, trip with a lot of fog

Audio 2

slot machine on the boat, yachting and home-owning changed exposure to the island, ferry service increased as demand increased, airline service impact and growth

Audio 3

clamming while a plane came in to land, moving landing location for planes, moving car without knowing how to drive, put in stove

Audio 4

Cleveland Heights connection, maple syrup week, Lady of the Lake research, log book from mason working on a chimney

Audio 5

Nathaniel Green namesake of Greensboro, Kathryn Littlefield, island influence in Revolutionary War, banquet for Rathbun reunion, mainland Rathbun society visit