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Palatine Grave Tour

Friday, August 10 @ 4:00 pm5:00 pm


Two days after Christmas in 1738, a British merchant ship traveling from Rotterdam to Philadelphia grounded in a blizzard on the northern tip of Block Island. The ship carried emigrants from the Palatinate and its neighboring territories in what is now southwest Germany. The 105 passengers and crew on board — sick, frozen, and starving — were all that remained of the 340 men, women, and children who had left their homeland the previous spring. They now found themselves castaways, on the verge of death, and at the mercy of a community of strangers whose language they did not speak.

Shortly after the wreck, rumors began to circulate that the passengers had been mistreated by the ship’s crew and by some of the islanders. The stories persisted, transforming over time as stories do, and in less than a hundred years, two terrifying versions of the event had emerged. These tales became known as the legend of the Palatine, the name given to the ship in later years, when its original name had been long forgotten.

So how did the rumors begin? What really happened to the Princess Augusta and the passengers she carried on her final, fatal voyage? Through years of painstaking research, Jill Farinelli has reconstructed the origins of one of New England’s most chilling maritime mysteries in her new book The Palatine Wreck. Join her for this tour of the Palatine Graves, the last resting place of about twenty passengers and crew who died after the wreck. Limited tickets available.


Friday, August 10
4:00 pm–5:00 pm