West Gallery Renovations

West Gallery Renovations


MAY, 2018

Membership News


Robert B. Champagne-Willis, President
Martha Ball, Vice-President Sharon Lehman, Secretary Shirlyne Gobern, Treasurer

Mary Anderson, Membership Michael Hickey, Accessions Susan Hagedorn, Program

Gerald F. Abbott
Daniel Costa
Bernice Dangelas
Paige Gaffett
Carol Hill
Kristine Monje
Beth Taylor
Tobee McMellon,emerita

Pamela Littlefield Gasner, Executive Director

For several years, the Board of Directors of the Block Island Historical Society has sought to address the deteriorating condition of the West Gallery of our Society building.

At a recent meeting, the directors heard the plans of Daniel McLaughlin of Housewrights Design Build Corp to restore the West Gallery and kitchen. Mr. McLaughlin presented a comprehensive explanation of the work that needs to be done with detailed costs associated with this work.

Based on the information provided by Mr. McLaughlin, the directors approved the scope of work and unanimously voted “to ask the membership for permission to spend $325,890.00 from the endowment in order to complete renovations to the West Gallery.”

Phase IV Restoration West Gallery (Plat 6 – Lot 1)

Drawings provided by architect Tracey Dillon

Pursuent to our by-laws, President Robert Champagne-Willis, upon advice from the Board of Directors, is calling for a meeting of the membership of the Block Island Historical Society on Saturday, June 2, at 4 pm. The meeting will be held on the side lawn of the Society property on Old Town Road.

“Directors voted to ask the membership for permission to spend $325,890.00 from the endowment in order to complete renovations to the West Gallery.”

At this meeting, we will update the membership on the West Gallery restoration and ask the membership to approve spending $325,890.00 from our endowment fund to fund this project. Board Member Daniel Costa, with contractor Daniel McLaughlin, will explain in detail the scope of work to be done and the future use of the room and improvements to the building.

Featured on Marketwatch.com

Featured on Marketwatch.com

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